Size 1 - D15/ C50

Size 2 -D16/ C 53

Size 3 - D17 / C56

Size 4 - D18/ C59

Size 5 - D19 / C62

Size 6 - D20/ C66

Size 7 - D21/ C69

Size 8 - D22/ C72

How to get the perfect size


Using a tape measure would be best but for everyone who does not own one!

Try this way:


Get a scrap piece of paper and wrap it around the designated finger you would like to wear the ring.


Mark the ends clear - using a bold pen. Make sure it is as tight as you can get. Depending on the thickness of the paper, different measurements may occur so try to use a thin paper.


Using a ruler, measure the final length and check the guidelines to see what size is best! If there isn't the exact size, round it up or down depending on how loose or tight you want it. (If it is only a few millimetres difference, it should not affect it too much).